# Switch branches, not context...
$ git req 13
Switched to branch 'bug/PROJ-142-Paint_bikeshed'

Check out branches by their pull (or merge) request ID

Don't waste time doing this:

Instead, run git req REQUEST_NUMBER to check out the corresponding branch.

Supported services

Getting started

  1. Install git-req
    • MacOS Homebrew
      1. brew tap arusahni/git-req
      2. brew install git-req
    • Arch Linux AUR
      1. yay -Sy git-req
    • Ubuntu/Debian package
      1. Download the latest *.deb file from the release page.
      2. dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb
    • Everyone else...
      1. Download the binary for your operating system from the release page. At this time, only Linux and macOS are officially supported. Builds for other platforms are available, but untested.
      2. Decompress the archive.
      3. Place the git-req executable somewhere in your $PATH.
        • Linux: suggested location /usr/local/bin/
        • macOS: suggested location /usr/local/bin/. This may not exist, so it'll need to be created with mkdir -p /usr/local/bin.
  2. That's it! The first time you run git req REQUEST_NUMBER, it will prompt you for your API credentials if necessary.

Other features

In addition to checking out requests by ID, git-req also supports:

Questions? Issues?

If you have questions, ask on GitHub, or on Twitter. Please file issues on the GitHub project.